August 23th

Venue: Biomedicum, Ravila 19, Tartu

9.00-17.00 Hands-on course on magnetic cell sorting and immunophenotyping 
Kai Kisand, Jaanika Kärner, Marina Šunina
20.00 Speakers dinner

August 24th

Venue: Tartu Environmental Education Centre (Lille 10, Tartu)

8.30-8.50 Registration
8.50-9.00 Welcome
Pärt Peterson
9.00-9.45 Control of T-cell activation by CD28 and CTLA-4
Lucy Walker (UCL)
9.45-10.30 T-cell and ageing
Pärt Peterson
10.30-11.00 Coffee
11.00-11.45 Metabolic changes during T-cell exhaustion
Anna Schurich (UCL)
11.45-12.45 Group discussion:
Costimulatory molecules, exhaustion, and therapeutics
12.45-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.45 Tumor immune escape
Rolf Kiessling (KI)
14.45-15.30 T-cell immunotherapy
Ola Winqvist (KI)
15.30-16.00 Coffee
16.00-17.00 Group discussion:
Are Tregs predictors of tumor outcome: pro and con?
18.00-22.00 Career development session in informal milieu // Venue: The Filiae Patriae Sorority house (Struve 4, Tartu)

August 25th

Venue: Tartu Environmental Education Centre (Lille 10, Tartu)

9.00-9.45 Translational cancer immunotherapy
Mark Lowdell (UCL)
9.45-10.30 CAR-T cell therapy
Jonas Mattson (KI)
10.30-11.00 Coffee
11.00-11.45 Excursion in the Tartu Environmental Education Centre‚Äč
11.45-12.30 Breaking immune tolerance in solid tumors
Emily Colbeck (UCL)
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.15 Immunoprofiling - high-throughput analysis of the immune system
Toomas Neuman
14.15-15.00 Cancer immunotherapy in Estonia
Jana Jaal (UT)
15.00 Closing remarks
Kai Kisand